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Vadilal Forex Provides services to effectively manage your Exchange Rate Risk and mitigate the effects of Volatility in the Forex Market.

We help you to prepare, modify and implement the Exchange Rate Policy as well as advise you on the strategies and tactics to safeguard your Financials.


Vadilal Forex provides Advisory and Exposure Management Services in relation to Base Metals.

We provide specialized service segments – in case of Base Metals for Corporate having Commodity Risk in relation to Base Metals and Crude Oil, Metal Importers, Scrap Metal Traders etc.


Vadilal Forex provides Exposure Management and Trading Package Services in relation to Bullion/Precious Metals.

Vadilal Forex provides specialized service segments – in relation to Bullion for – Bullion Importers, Jewellers dealing in Physical Gold as well as MCX Traders.

Value Added Services

Vadilal Forex provides a lot of Value Added Services other than the Core Services in the area of Forex, Metal and Bullion.

  • Preparation and Implementation of Risk Management Policy as well as Internal Procedures and Documentation to Manage Interest rate and Exchange Rate Risk.
  • Response to EXIM and Documentary Credit Related Queries
  • Counselling and Liaison with RBI for FEMA Related work
  • Arranging Buyer’s Credit, Trade Finance and ECB
RMS Tool

Vadilal Forex has developed a sophisticated Software Tool for monitoring your Foreign Exchange Exposures – Open, Covered, Cancelled as well as realized.

It allows you to view the M2M Profit and Loss against the Ongoing Live Spot and Forward Rates. It allows you to view Historic M2M Rates and Foreign Exchange Gain/ Loss for Financial Year.

It is available in Windows (Application) as well as Cloud (Web) version.

Website: rms.vadilalmarkets.com
Money Changing (AD-II)

Vadilal FFMC (Full Fledged Money Changing) is also RBI Authorised Dealer Category AD-II.

We offer service with:

  • Buy and Sell all traded currencies and Travellers Cheques;
  • Transactions under Current and Capital [restricted] accounts are attended.