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Foreign Exchange Interest Rate and Commodity PriceRisk Management Market is very important as not only it involves complexity and requires expert skills but also the fact that lack of Management or mismanagement of Foreign Exchange, Interest Rate and Commodity Price Risk Management may wipe off the entire profitability and even net worth of a business. Risk Management concept has been accepted by large organisations. Forex and Commodity Advisory as a Decision Support Tool and integral part of Risk Management is also accepted widely by Exporters, Importers and Commodity Traders.
VADILAL group well-known for Vadilal Brand Ice-Cream established FOREX and Base Metals/ Precious Metals Advisory services with the idea to provide effective and relevant knowledge, advise, and guidance to Importers and Exporters and Commodity traders. The Business that was earlier Forex Advisory Division eventually became a Separate entity with effect from 1st April 2012.
We offer Services in relation to :
  • FOREX Advisory and FOREX EXPOSURE MANAGEMENT to Importers and Exporters. A thorough service connected with Banking, ECD-RBI, FEDAI rules and guidelines, etc..
  • LME-METAL Informative service of most base metal quotes at LME, COMEX, NYMEX, Shanghai, markets, and complete guide and informative service on forward, futures and relative data.
  • BULLION Informative service of Gold, Silver, and Precious metals on International trading, quotes, rates, forwards, futures, etc., on various international markets, inclusive of COMEX/NYMEX;
  • A team of experienced, competent, qualified and , professional staff consisting of ex-bankers with Treasury Management experience both in India and abroad, Analysts, qualified Chartered Financial Analysts (CFA), MBAs; Post Graduates, etc..Please see Staff Team Details Click Here
  • The Team is totally dedicated and committed to provide exclusive guidance and advise to all its customers in relation to the area of activities listed above.