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vadilalmarkets It's all about managing risk...

Vadilal Forex Provides services to effectively manage your Exchange Rate Risk and mitigate the effects of Volatility in the Foreign Exchange Market.
Vadilal Forex helps you to prepare, modify and implement the Exchange Rate Policy as well as advise you on the strategies and tactics to safeguard your Financials, effectively Hedge your Foreign Currency Receivables and Payables.
Vadilal Forex has Special service segments to provide Valuation of Options, Swaps and Structured Derivative Products and qualitative analysis of the same to suit the risk profile of the clients.
Vadilal Forex also provides specialized services for Currency Traders. Forex Service segment website includes Currency Calculator, Forward Calculator, Option Calculator apart from providing LIVE Spot and Forward Rates and indicative rates for Capital and Commodity Markets.
The Services include – Personalized Briefing, SMS Alerts, Daily Reports, Periodic Reports and Special Research Reports.
  • Live Inter- Bank Foreign Exchange Rates
  • Live Monthly and Annualized Forward Point
  • Live Forward Calculator for Major currencies
  • Daily Research Reports including hourly Sms
  • Live important News Streaming
  • Expert Advise on Forex Hedging Strategies
  • Expert Advise on Options and Swap valuations
  • Expert Advise on FEMA and RBI related Queries
  • Expert Assistance for Forex Risk Management Policy
  • Expert Advise on Currency Trading